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Naked contortion gymnast girl stretching and bending

April 16th, 2008 | by meister |

naked flexible girl

If you ask me about the best moment of today’s contortion show, I’ll answer – I liked all! Gorgeous flexi teen debuts today and her delicious bendy beauty is so exciting that it’s very difficult to pick out the best episode of her contortion training. Let’s enjoy this flexible girl, let’s enjoy her terrific contortion pictures where she shows you not only her limber body but also her shaved pussy!

Beautiful flexible girl is dressed in white blouse (it is unbuttoned slightly), short frilly brawn skirt and silver high-heeled boots. The last element of her today’s outfit is so terrific, that I’m ready to turn into a boot fetishist! Sexy gymnast starts her flexibility contortion training with active stretching – she grasps her ankle and straightens her leg so that you see her white panties. Then the contortion girl performs the scale. After that, gorgeous erotic contortionist continues stretching, pulling her leg forward and showing her round ass.

The next phase is the leg behind the back stretching, and our horny flexi chick performs it sitting on the stepladder. She raises her leg high and starts pushing it behind the back. What a great body control! After this contortion exercise, super flexible babe does the bridge and then, staying only on her hands and bending her back so that her straightened legs are in parallel to the floor, she performs one more terrific contortion exercise. Then sexy contortionist backbends in chest stand and in elbow stand positions. And she was near performing the headseat!

After series of super eye-catching backbend stretching exercises on the floor, flexible young woman gets down to the various splits. First of all, the contortion girl performs the side lying split stretch during which her panties get removed and you can see her pussy! I especially liked those moments when she has pulled her leg behind the back, lying on the floor and showing her pussy in details! Then naughty flexibabe does the front split, having her legs spread wide and even lifting slightly one of her legs in this position, as if she can’t stay on the ground, aspiring to fly up like a flexy bird.

The naked contortion babe ends up her today’s debut show with the straddle split, and she isn’t only sitting in this position and showing her ass and pussy but she is also stretching her body (nude gorgeous gymnast bends forward looking back directly in your eyes and smiling!). Oh, I’m ready to enjoy contortion photos of this talented teen over and over again – just look at her last stretching pictures, where she is lying on her back, grasping her ankles and inviting you to enjoy her to the maximum!